In which I croon about Keds. And Tube Socks.

And Teenage Dirtbags, baby.

With every age we enter into, there’s an unspoken algorithm of clothing articles we are supposedly intended to leave behind.

Overalls, perhaps.

Coordinated siblings.


And yet, with the inevitable constants that are our cupboards, limited in size as they may be, we eventually return to reclaim tokens of our teenagehood we’d hastily disavowed in the mess that was yesterday’s getting ready.

Today, faced with strange millennial experiences we hadn’t yet calculated for, bras are rejected with thoughtless abandon and ankles spotlighted in the nude.



And all while we navigate the train wreck that is being a teenager.

Here’s where I croon about Keds. And Tube Socks.

And Teenage Dirtbags, baby.

The irony, then, of shooting through four seasons in one early morning while attempting to capture somewhat of the millenials’ cultural milieu, certainly did not go unnoticed.

Shooting a few months back, at the expiration of my teens and the cusp of my twenties, I wanted to revisit some of the hackneyed dress codes that reigned supreme during my teenage years.

Especially now I was no longer grouped amongst them.

Pairing denim with dresses and layering t-shirts underneath everything as if they were sunscreen, I wanted the younger portion of my closet, at least, to live vicariously through each image.

To emanate the same mix of French, Swedish, nature-loving demeanours I prescribed in between moments off-camera, from within every shot we took.

Leaving the model’s hair undone and shoes untied was suggestive, I thought, not only of the nonchalance every fashion-inclined teenager strives for, but paid homage as well to the enviable effortlessness, comfort, and cool teen spirit she exudes in her own clothes.

These are the results.

MODEL wears ISABEL MARANT ÉTOILE shorts and shirt ACNE t-shirt worn underneath ACNE dress and jeans ADIDAS shoes


Photography, styling and illustrations JEN NURICK

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