Surely, there should always be room to improve; to get things wrong or worse, in order to make them right or better.

That’s why Fashion Week comes around twice a year, you know.

Jen Nurick Progress Calvin Klein Sweater

Unlike the familiar comfort of hiding oneself in an oversized sweater, the process of launching words into the interwebs, or putting myself in front of the lens washes over like a pooling mouthful of half unease and half excitement.

Confronting the sort of self-effacement usually shrouded in jacket hoods and elongated sleeves, or secured by the anonymity of my keyboard, in a bid to make the best content I could for the launch of this site, I became stifled to make anything at all.

Designing instilled so much confidence in my personal project as a work-in-progress, but labelled exactly as that, it endowed me with a silly reluctance to commit to publishing any content; to painting something permanently onto my meticulously drafted, and then meticulously redrafted, blank canvas.

Irritable both by my growing enthusiasm to share with curious friends my biggest assignment yet, and by my putting it off to complete other sizeable university assignments instead, it’s fair to say I’ve put things on hold.

Two trips to New York, twelve assignments, and an impossible number of emails to and fro-ing later, it’s ripe time I reminded myself that was designed as an eyes and ears into what will always be

a work-in-progress. So get on with it already, JN, I’d like to eat dinner before breakfast rolls ’round.

Surely, there should always be room to improve; to get things wrong or worse, in order to make them right or better.

That’s why Fashion Week comes around twice a year, you know.

Living momentarily in a Big Apple I could navigate in my sleep, or slipping into a sweater that fulfils practical and sartorial measures when reckoned against wet weather feels like a walk in the park compared to this.

A Calvin Klein Jeans sweater, forfeited only to dropping temperatures and an uncompromising proclivity for comfort, is merely one out of 365 permutations of good or bad outfits I could redeem and redo tomorrow., on the other hand, is host to a traceable online profile of my footsteps and faux pas in fashion, vulnerable in its permanency like wet concrete to inside jokes and adolescent initials.

Fixing pictures and words onto this digital, but deeply personal frame, feels more like a barefooted hike through a jungle of hot coals than that proverbial walk in the park.

Because really, what’s a filmic evaluation on

intended simultaneities or a critical analysis of Foucauldian regimes when you’re attempting to tell honest stories; to capture them perfectly in one photograph from my computer screen to yours?

I’ll be sure to remind myself of the piece of cake likeness I just drew to my previous assignments come mid-semester exams.

And finally, by mention of exams, we come full circle. Born of an incessant boredom in one too many university lectures and a desire to write thoughtfully about an apparently thoughtless and fickle industry, revs on, full speed ahead.

Host to curated images, some jottings-down you didn’t consider twice while scanning for something to wear today, and, though I never promise, an unprecedented series of discussions about how you can never own too many shoes, is here to stretch even the narrowest of wardrobe horizons.

They don’t take square footage in New York lightly, to say the least.

Don’t say I never told you so.





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