Hedi Slimane has bred a progeny of men and women that are irrevocably and unapologetically Saint Laurent without Yves.

And dare I say, they’re cooler for it.



Julia Kahn Miu Miu Hedi Slimane Yves Saint Laurent

Carrying an enviable effortlessness along with the rest of her things, the Saint Laurent woman couldn’t go unnoticed if she tried. Believe you me, where you’ll find a pair of signature jodhpur boots in cigar suede, an air of cool will necessarily follow.

Suffice to say, I am one amongst Hedi Slimane’s extensive network of worshippers bowing down to his patent leathered, brass-buckled feet.

Perhaps, it’s the deliberate androgyny of his muses; the ladders in their polka-dotted stockings. His nostalgic black and white campaigns, or the unfaltering iterations of black jeans and black blazers that lure consumers like myself to the brand season after season. Perhaps, it’s Edie Campbell. Or perhaps, no – indeed – it’s the jodhpur boots. I speak from experience. No matter the reason, everything always comes back to Mr. Slimane.

Hedi Slimane has bred a progeny of men and women that are irrevocably and unapologetically Saint Laurent without Yves.

And dare I say, they’re cooler for it.

Forever attempting to personify, without really personifying at all, that je ne sais quoi of the Saint Laurent everywoman without her eponymous wardrobe, I set out to capture a similar nonchalance if it could be acquired. Thankfully, with a face like Julia’s, my camera suggested it could.

Even if we alternated Saint Laurent for its Italian counterpart, I hope the pictures, alongside the Miu Miu shirt, emanate from your screen with a similar spirit. Though we encountered rain, and wind, and just about anything else the weather forecast hadn’t yet predetermined, Julia trusted my gut and chameleoned into the ultimate enigmatic muse. Decorated with black pillows for eyes and mesmerising expressions no less, she took some of my favourite photographs to date. I only hope they become some of her favourites, too.

The love affair continues. In Mr. Slimane we trust.










JULIA wears MIU MIU shirt J BRAND jeans worn throughout

UNIQLO shirtdress


IRO jacket worn backwards 


MODEL’S own JEWELLERY worn throughout 




Styling and photography JEN NURICK

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