New York


Now boasting continental breakfasts and good compositional game.

Hard as I try to cram trash cans and torn posters into square frames in a bid to recontextualize smart casual dresscodes, or maintain an air of spontaneity on Instagram, some things just can’t be done.

For example, not glamorising the beast of all concrete jungles. New York.

You have to give credit where it’s due. The city looks good dressed in a blizzard.

But just like any sample sale, if I look hard enough, I can give it a good go.

Pausing to adjust layers en route to breakfast in the busiest thoroughfare known to early Thursday mornings on the Lower East Side, I literally crashed into the familiar rush of Elizabeth Street on Market Day. Which, by the way, happens everyday.

Swathed in this Acne Velocite jacket, marking my territory with its sheer size and ample shearling, I ripped open my camera and ignored the onset of strange looks and heavy foot traffic.

And, conjoined with Little Italy and the East Village, clicked my camera to the pace of Downtown’s beating heart, replete with neon signage, mammoth delivery trucks and boasting continental breakfasts and good compositional game.

Now is the time to test your phone’s geotagging faculties: cabin and crew, welcome to Chinatown.

It may not be the most romantic few blocks of the city, I’ll admit, but don’t be disillusioned. Just like the polarbear I’m wearing on my back, Chinatown has character that other parts outfitting New York simply don’t.

Like the subway. Or the innards of the Meatpacking District.

Or said sample sale on a good rack where no one else happens to be looking.

I should know. 

As a girl constantly trying to make a case for casual wear, rallying for the partnership of underdressed cotton t-shirts with leathered pants or razor-cut blazers with rubber slides, the unkempt parts of the total picture are necessary to help the hero pieces sing.

This is not to undermine any hardworking leggings or layers worn underneath.

You know what I mean.


Of course, a jacket with this much personality has to look good anywhere to justify its purchase, but garage doors and apartment windows, in my opinion anyway, can be highly complementary.

Chinatown has charm.

Can you see it?


Wearing ACNE STUDIOS Velocite jacket 

BASSIKE sweater 

HELMUT LANG leather leggings 

and CELINE small trio bag 


Styling and creative direction JEN NURICK

Photography JEN and LARA NURICK

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